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I don't see any e-mail address of coaches on your academy pages (EN/RU). I can write in Russian language. Could you give me e-mail address of academy secretariat or can I use address [email protected] ?
Thank you.
Пользователь Mark
Personal coaches e-mails are unavailable, sorry. Feel free to write info-mail, that monitored by staff on a regular basis.
21-06-12 16:10:48
Do you have hockey academy for U16 and U18 teams?
My son was born in 1996 and he is ice hockey forward in Slovakian 1. liga team. He starts study high school next school year. Could he participate on any try out to your youth hockey academy? He is very good student too.
Thank you for your answer.
Пользователь Mark
You can contact with any coach whose contacts are available on Academy page. You don't even have to understand Russian: this list shows the year when the young hockey player was born and telephone number of a corresponing coach. 
21-06-12 13:09:08
Is there any finnish players in your team during next season?
Пользователь Vesa Pesonen
HC Donbass reached agreements with a few guys from Finland, but it takes some time to finalize the deals.
24-05-12 22:06:47
Parabens mais uma vez!! Lindas as fotos. Adoro o seu tom de preto e bnraco, PERFEITO! Fque com Deus. Rosana
Пользователь Mert
You should write your question in English. Thank you.
A.Khryakov, Manager on work with fans
21-02-12 05:50:26
I am a current hockey player playing in Canada and would like to reach out of my boundaries and play hockey at a high level somewhere else in the world. I am currently a university student at the University of Western Ontario in London Ontario Canada. I have played all types of Junior hockey here in Canada.

Thank you.

Nicholas Sakellis
[email protected]
Пользователь Nicholas Sakellis


Your email been transferred to our selection manager. It is up to him, to contact you, for now.


A.Khryakov, Manager on work with fans
05-01-12 17:01:19

My name is Karine. I belong to the fan club in Rouen, [email protected]

We would like to get in touch with you please see enclosed my email adress : [email protected] or we can talk via Facebook. carine Lili hueber

If you have a person responsible that I can contact could you provide me the name please.

If you need any information about Rouen please contact me. Looking forward to hear from you. We can advise you some good bar where the fan will be welcomed.

Could you bring some scarf and we will exchange them with you at the Conti cup of course with the people who will be interested..

Hope to hear from you soon
Пользователь KARINE

Hello, Karine!

Ofcourse we can arrange meeting between our fans, to talk, to exchange scarves and etc.

I`ve sent you a mail, we can keep in touch via e-mail.

A.Khryakov, Manager on work with fans
18-12-11 13:48:49
I would like to go to a match but where is the stadium? I tried looking for it on google maps and can't find it. A map or directions from the city centre would be very useful.
Пользователь Emma


Near the Palace of Sports "Druzba" going through the following public transport routes:

minibus №: 4, 4/c, 11, 11/a, 13, 28, 36, 46
bus №: 28, 46, 111/a/b

Here`s a map.

A.Khryakov, Manager on work with fans
23-10-11 10:11:07

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