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Club Logo

Logo 1. Donbass acquired their first logo in 2001. The grey circle with blue mount symbolized a puck with a name DONBASS in the center. On the top there is a puck and a stick - naturally it is a symbol of ice hockey.

Logo 2. In 2008 the logo was changed - it gained red, black and white colours. On the background one might see two terrikons (waste banks) - one of the symbols of the miner's region. Also there is a figure of a hockey player and the sign HC Donbass written in Russian.

Logo 3. In 2011 a new logo was created - it become round with black and red mount. The right terrikon changed its colour from black to grey and a sign HC Donbass (also in Russian) became white. It symbolizes a blank page of the future team's victories. In the bottom one may see a flying puck, which spears the darkness. It is the current logo nowadays.

2001                                               2008

Club Gear

Donbass Kit

Jersey - The first version of the jersey was used from the start of the season until the play-offs. The basic colours of the jersey were black, white and red. Home jersies - mostly white with red and black cone-shaped insets on the sides and the same coloured lines on the shoulders. There is a 2008 type logo (logo 2, see on top) on the front. Jersey number was placed on the sleeves on the elbow level. Black edging, which underlines the shoulder line comes to round neck with black and red line. Inside the black edging there is a russian word DONBASS, which is printed by red letter with thin black edging. Between the bottom and the logo there is a UKRINVEST word, written in Ukrainian by black letters. Jersey number on the back is written in black colour with red edging.

Pants colour - black

Helmet colour - black

New Donbass Kit

Jersey - The new version has been used since the start of play-offs. Basic colours: white, black, red and light-grey. Home Kit, basic colour - white. Black, red, grey inset (lines of the same thickness) at the bottom. Also there is a thick edging at the bottom. Even less thick edging sets off the shoulder. Inside that edging there is a Donbass logo. The same logo (but bigger one) is situated on the chest. There is a thick red edging around the elbow zone and there are red and black lines on the sleeve. The Jersey number (red with black edging) is situated on the elbow near the shoulder zone. On the sides there are two white insets with grey, red and black line breaks at the bottom. There is a word UKRINVEST closer to the bottom. The Jersey number on the back is in red with black edging.

Pants colour - black

Helmet colour - black

Socks (legging) colour - white with a vertical red line in the middle and two black lines from both sides without a space between.