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"Donbass" made it to the Continental Cup Super Final!

29-11-11 00:53:14

Champion of Ukraine - Donetsk "Donbass" - for the first time in the history of national hockey made ??it to the Super Final of the Continental Cup, the strongest European club competition held in 2011-12's under the auspices of International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

"Donbass" (Donetsk, Ukraine) - "Rubin" (Tyumen, Russia) - 3:1 (2:0, 0:1, 1:0)

November 27, 2011. 18:30. Donetsk. Arena "Druzhba". 4007 spectators.

Judges: J. Bergman, R. Hradil, A. Gorbatyuk, A. Semenov

Donbass: Tsaregorodtsev. Lyutkevich - Malevich, Dubrovin - Dydykin, Heghine - Esipov, Shagov - Pobedonostsev. Piskunov - Belukhin - Zhurun??, Kochetkov - Tatarinov - Varlamov, Materuhin - Shafarenko - Al. Vasiliev, Mikhnov - Donica - Gladskih.

Rubin: Sudnitsin (except 59:41 - 59:55). Haydarov - Korsunov, Bezrukov - Gusev, Galanov - Zhurikov, Semin - Popov. Voloshenko - Trifonov - Stasiuk, D. Yachmenev - Sevost'yanov - Gorshkov, Zimin - Korobov - V. Yachmenev , Neznamov - Zhmaev - An. Vasiliev.

Goals: 1-0. Varlamov (Kochetkov, Dubrovin, 4:31 - m.), 2-0. Belukhin (Varlamov, 12:54 - l.) 2:1. Galanov (Zhmaev, 39:50), 3-1. Piskunov (Heghine, Malevich, 59:55 - e.g.)

Penalty: 16 (4 +2 +10) - 20 (4 +8 +8)

Shots: 30 (11 +13 +6) - 38 (16 +9 +13)

Before the decisive game in the semifinal round of the Continental Cup 2012 in the group E, the champions of Ukraine - the Donetsk "Donbass" and the Highest Hockey League of Russia - the Tyumen "Rubin" have had by 6 points in the standings, both, after two games in the field.

Duel began without intelligence at high speeds, since rivals playing in the same league - VHL, and have already met each other on September 26 in Donetsk. Then it was stronger the team from Russia, which won 2-0. But that game remained in the past, and now at stake was a trip to the Super Final.

"Donbass" opened the scoring at the beginning of the match - at the 5th minute the Ukraine attacker and captain of Donetsk club Sergei Varlamov with an uncomfortable hand nicely sent a puck into the goal, passing opponent's goalkeeper - 1:0. In the middle of the first period, Varlamov again excelled. The captain struggled for the puck behind the goal of the "Rubin" picked it and gave a pass on the free Belukhin. Followed by an irresistible throw into "nine" - 2:0. It should be noted that at this point Donetsk team played in the minority.

Russians rushed in the second period to recoup before the break and were able to reduce the account to a minimum - 2-1. In the final third of the game hockey players of "Rubin" made ??a real assault on the gates of the team of Aleksandr Kulikov. Donetsk goalkeeper Evgeny Tsaregorodtsev in these moments proved that he is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the VHL, more than once helping out the team. At the last minute the guests changed goalkeeper on the sixth field player, trying to use the last chance ... Champion of Ukraine has not only survived, but scored in the last seconds of the meeting the third puck, setting the final score - 3-1!

"Donbass" took not only a convincing revenge from the "Rubin", but continued to fight in the only European club competition, held under the auspices of the International Ice Hockey Federation. The Donetsk team gained the most points - 9 points after three games, and gets into the Continental Cup Super Final of 2012, which will be held on 13-15 January 2012 in the French city of Rouen. Rivals for the champion of Ukraine will be: the current holder of the Continental Cup - the Minsk "Youth", the hosts - French HC "Dragons" and the winner of the other semi-final group (D) - Italian HC "Asiago".

Hello France! Hello, Continental Cup Super Final in Rouen!

Press Service of HC "Donbass"