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"Donbass" won "Yuzhny Ural" in overtime

22-11-11 16:45:46

Wards of Alexander Kulikov, thanks to an accurate throw of Denis Kochetkov, in overtime, were able to win a strong-willed victory in the duel, which was built not in their favor.

"Yuzhny Ural " (Orsk) - "Donbass" (Donetsk) - 1:2 OT (1:0, 0:0, 0:1, 0:1)

22 November 2011 year. 14:30. Orsk. PS "Yubileiny". 4458 spectators.

Judges: Pyankov K. (Perm), Dzhyhanchyn A. (Magnitogorsk), Smorodin D. (Magnitogorsk).

Southern Ural: Maharylov. Yaschenkov - Ustyuzhanin, Bukhanko - Sidorov, Fomychev - Pozyn, Skalyn. Kamaev - Aleksandrov - Vorontsov, Mysbahov - Kirillov - Vasyukov, Muzychko - Evhrafov - Kazaryn, Popov - Korkyn - Vedkalov.

Donbass: Tsaregorodtsev. Lyutkevych - Malevich, Heghineh - Dubrovyn, Yesipov - Tolkunov, Shagov. Zhurun ??- Beluhyn - Piskunov, Tatarinov - Varlamov - Kochetkov, Vasilyev - Shafarenko - Materuhyn, Hladskyh, Kostychkyn.

Goals: 1-0. Muzychko (Kazaryn, 8:04). 1:1. Varlamov (Kochetkov, 41:23), 1:2. Kochetkov (Zhurun??, Beluhyn, 63:12).

Penalty: 12 (2 +8 +2 +0) - 12 (4 +4 +4 +0)

Shots: 17 (6 +5 +6 +0) - 39 (14 +14 +8 +3)

Face-offs: 30 (11 +13 +5 +1) - 37 (11 +13 +12 +1)

Official protocol

"Yuzhny Ural", as befits to the site owners, began match actively, and under pressure of the stands went forward, created several dangerous moments. In one episodes, which caused the question of the referee, was that in the goals of Tsaregorodtseva appeared Muzychko with the puck. After viewing the video referee still decided to count a goal. Since the 12th minute of the game "Yuzhny Ural " took the lead.

Donetsk players managed to bring a lot of trouble to goalkeeper of Orck, if only Ukrainian team was playing at full strength, but to change the score before the first break any of the parties failed to. And in the second period rivals have not scored. Despite the overwhelming desire of players of the "Yuzhny Ural " to develop the success in the second period, they had to spend much more time at their own goals, fighted with violent attempts of Donetsk players to equalize. Closest to success were Denis Kochetkov and Alexander Vassiliev, but, alas, the puck did not go in the gate of rivals not in equal compositions, either in majority.

The third period began for the "Yuzhny Ural" with a powerful and accurate throw of Sergey Varlamov, who are at an acute angle to the goals took advantage of an excellent assist of Denis Kochetkov, found a hole in the seemed started to be impenetrable, ammunition of Magarilov. By the way, hereinafter goalkeeper of hosts of the site managed to hang on until overtime, but after fifteen minutes after the start, gate guard of the "Yuzhny Ural" has been forced to capitulate. Donetsk five, took their clear chances to score.

"Donbass" gaining 57 points after 26 games and continues to lead in the Western Conference of VHL. Next VHL match Donetsk team will play at home in the Arena "Druzhba" on 30 of November, with Penza "Diesel." Start of the game at 7:00 p.m.. And before that, Donetsk club will defend the honor of Ukraine in the semifinal round of the Continental Cup - 2012, to be held in the capital of Donbass, 25-27 of November.

Press Service of HC "Donbass"