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"Donbass-2" lost to "Sokol" in the post-match shoot-out

16-11-11 21:37:45

Hockey fans were waiting for the game between the leaders of Ukraine PHL with great interest, and experts dubbed it "all-Ukrainian derby", as seen champion and runner-up of last season in Ukraine, the first two teams in the standings PHL Ukraine of a new season. And it should be noted that the match justified expectations - a duel turned out interesting and kept in suspense until the very end, as only a "hockey lottery" (post-match bullitts) revealed the winner.

In structure of Donetsk club debuted player of the Ukrainian national team and former player Nizhnekamsk "Neftekhimik" - Andrew Mikhnov. Recruit from KHL was marked with the jewelry assist to Rasulov in the second period, when Timur opened the scoring. But the players of Kiev played quickly - Kharchenko, who became a hero of the meeting this evening, has shut the perfect assist of Yakovenko after four minutes. Later the teams more than once have been close to that to come forward, but the goalies played reliably. The most realistic chance at the end of the fight has lost forward of guests Andrei Nikolishin, unable to beat Seliverstov at the goal crease. Donetsk player Mikhnov have been successfully correcting the puck, but Simchuk saved his own net.

Over-time also did not reveal the strongest today, and everything was decided in the post-match shoot-out. Initially Averkin and Kasyanchuk exchanged accurate throws. Hockey players from both teams after that could not break through the goalkeepers, till that time Kharchenko got  into the "house" of Seliverstov, bringing the victory to the "Sokol" in a dramatic match.

Donetsk team took away the first point from Kiev` and gained 41 points after 18 games, still going second place in the standings PHL Ukraine. Leads with 53 points, "Sokol". Next game in the PHL championship Donetsk club will play against Kiev "Companion-Naftogaz", November 18 at 7:00 p.m., on ice Arena "Leader".

"Donbass-2" (Donetsk) - "Sokol" (Kiev) - B 1:2 (0:0, 1:1, 0:0, 0:0, 0:1)

November 16, 2011. 19:00. Donetsk. Arena "Druzhba". 2224 viewers

Judges: G. Luskan, D. Kravchenko (Russia), A. Bakumenko, A. Gladchenko

Donbass-2: Seliverstov. Rasulov - Vl. Aleksyuk, P. Borisenko - Kugut, V. Vasiliev - Tezikov. Bondarev - Iskhakov - Mikhnov, R. Blagoy - Shamansky - Nimenko, Bobkin - Strakhov - Anikeev, Babinec - Averkin - Isayenko, Nikulnikov.

Sokol: Simchuk. Lyaskovsky - Tolstushko, Ryabenko - Skorokhod, Timchenko - Katrich, Sirchenko - Zakharov. Kasyanchuk - Nikolishin - Matviychuk, Kirichenko - Yakovenko - Kharchenko, Litvinenko - Oleckiy - Yushkov, Mikulka - Melnikov - Drozdov.

Goals: 1-0. Rauslov (Bondarev, Mikhnov, 29:51). 1:1. Kharchenko (Yakovenko, Kirichenko, 34:04), 1:2. Kharchenko (65:00 - decisive bullitt)

Penalty: 20 (4 8 8 0) - 14 (8 4 2 0)

Shots: 21 (3 10 8 0) - 23 (7 6 10 0)

Face-offs: 20 (6 6 8 0) - 26 (7 12 6 1)

In the photo: Kyiv players Nikolishin (№ 14) and Tolstushko (№ 56) against Donetsk player Iskhakov (№ 9)

In the photo: Donetsk new player - Mikhnov, against the hero of the meeting Kharchenko.

In the second game of the day in PHL the "Kharkov Sharks" on its site suddenly gave way with a big score to the "Companion-Naftogaz" - 1:8.

Press Service of HC "Donbass"