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”Donbass-98” beats the Stockholm champions, twice

02-04-12 22:39:45

Jim Brithen and Valeriy Sidorovʼs players continue the tour around rinks and arenas in Sweden. At the end of the tournament “Tuxer Skoda Cup” HC “Donbass” Academy representatives have planned a number of games, two of which were played on Monday, the 2nd of April. Our players’ rivals were the champions of the strongest Junior League of Sweden – Club “Huddinge” representatives, which played with the Ukrainians by two rosters and they lost both games.

Match №1
"Huddinge " (Sweden) - "Donbass-98" (Ukraine) - 0:2 (0:2, 0:0)
Goals: 0:1. Karaseni (Shabarov, 4 min.), 0:2. Kruchenkin, 7.
Match №2
"Huddinge" (Sweden) - "Donbass-98" (Ukraine) - 2:5 (2:4, 0:1)
Goals: 0:1. Kusov (Shabarov, 2), 0:2. Mostovoy (Shakurov, 3), 0:3. Hicenko (Balakin, 9), 2:4. Shabarov (Кaraseni, Ganapolskiy, 19), 2:5. Balakin, 30.   

It can be hardly surprised that in “hockey” Sweden there are enough children friends for two full teams of a club, with the help of which the champion of one of the strongest Swedish League fought against Ukrainian team. But the fact, "Huddinge" didn’t take part in “Tuxer Skoda Cup” tournament unlike Valetiy Sidorov team, which had two games played in last three days. As it is generally known the result of those tense competitions was our team participation in the final, where the players of one of TOP-15 Old World clubs – Finnish “Espoo” didn’t let the Donetsk team, taking part in such competitions for the first time, take away the Cup from the kids of the oldest clubs of Sweden and Finland.

Anyway the participation in the final of the tournament of the Ukrainian team itself became a pleasant surprise and next day exits inspired players beat the Stockholm League champion twice, besides in the second game one roster of “Huddinge” got even more than the first one. as agreed between the rivals, “Donbass-98” had 2 games of 40 minutes playing time, having decided twice the result of the game in the first period.

On Tuesday,3d of April, our players again will be on the ice. At 18:30 according to Kiev time they will have one more game, and their rivals will be the representatives of local club “SDE Hockey”.

HC "Donbass" press-service