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“Donbass-98” takes the second place at the Swedish tournament

01-04-12 15:05:52

HC  “Donbass” Academy representatives performed successfully at the “Tuxer Skoda Cup”, reaching the final of the tournament, where they lost to one of TOP-15 world clubs – Finnish “Espoo”.

The experience and level of the rival was great, and they already showed themselves at the beginning of the game, when the first puck was shot into Bogdan Dyachenkoʼs goal. The referees of the match tried to be impartial, avoiding all controversial moments, but in some episodes took the side of more powerful “Espoo”. This fact couldn’t help but impacting the result, that is why two pucks were scored on powerplays 5х4. Despite of crucial gap, Valeriy Sidorov and Jim Britènʼs team didn’t let its spirit sink and kept on playing hard and fighting up to the end for the successful result.

The duel with a team, which can be taken into TOP-15 of its age, anyway should be in team’s active. In the games like these young hockey players get the necessary experience of playing with strong rivals. But our players didn’t lose their belief in victory, playing each period up to the end and fighting for each puck – that was the most significant. In general, the atmosphere was friendly enough during the game. There were some hints for clashes, but they could avoid it.

After the game players and coaches of both teams shook their hands, thanked for the hockey and agreed to have one more game. Our players promised to take revenge, and we hope they will manage to do it.

Our team hasn’t left the Scandinavian state yet and it will play three more friendly games.

“Espoo” (Finland) – “Donbass-98” (Ukraine) - 7:1

Goals: 1:0. Оscari (Ilmari, Casper, 00:21), 2:0. Casper (Niklas, 14:48), 3:0. Оscari (Casper, Ilmari, 19:15), 3:1. Mazur (Кaraseni, Mostovoi, 24:17), 4:1. Ilmari (Casper, 27:42), 5:1. Casper, 31:30, 6:1. Eetu (Аlexanteri, Markus, 38:08),  7:1. Casper (Оscari, 38:56)

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