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Aleksandr Medvedev: "For the "Donbass" may be done an exception"

10-04-12 11:23:58

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the SKA and President of KHL Aleksandr Medvedev responded to the questions about the development of the Kontinental Hockey League and the clubs, which will come into the KHL.

"For sure, "Lev" from Prague will play - it is the team from Prague for now. "Slovan" would also play, for sure. Today Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Boris Kolesnikov called and said they are on their way to come with the application from the "Donbass". This means that they decided to build a multi-purpose arena, which will be commissioned no later than 2015. In view of the reconstruction of their own arena, even though they are not "pulled" it up to 5500 seats, but, nevertheless, during the vote may be done an exception, if we will see that all the funding decisions taken. We remember how it was built the first-class "Donbass-Arena", for the football club "Shakhtar" - especially since there will be the European championship in basketball in 2015, so that the arena will be built definitely, and there is no risks".

Source: "Soviet Sport"