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“Tuxer Skoda Cup”: what is the next?

30-03-12 21:55:33

Winning in the couple of games “EVU” Vaaanta (13:2) and “Sedertalye” (5:1) Valeriy Sidorov players prepared for the tournamental final. On Saturday, 31st March in 10:50 according to Kiev time our team will have the final game of group stage with “Tobi”, where both teams will determine the winner of the group. Swden team also has two victories in its active, beating the Finnish and their fellow-countryman with 7:2 score and 2:1."
"As for tournament format, child-junior tournament, holding these days in Sweden, is played in two stages. First stage is a group one. Eight teams are divided in two groups, called “Tuxer” and “Skoda”. “Donbass-98” plays in “Skoda ” quartet, where its rivals are Finnish “EVE” Vaanta”, and also Swedish “Södertälje” and “Tobi”."
At the end of group stage the final of the competition begins, where teams will compete for the 1st -4th and 5th – 8th places. Due to lucky start, “Donbass- 98” won’t get the place lower than the second one in its group, and respectively it will be in the group of teams, which gets the first and the second places in two groups. According to them the final “aim” will be completed, when the main prize of the competition will be awarded. Teams will have by three games in this group, and the team which will have more wins will be the winner."
On the basis of it, In addition to “Tobi” Donetsk teamʼs rival will be the best teams of “Tuxer” quartet. now Sweden “Djurgarden” and Finnish “Espoo Blues” are competing for the first two places in this group, but Swedish teams have already and in face-to-face match lost against their main rival.
So, on Saturday at 10:50 (according to Kiev time) “Donbas-98” will finish the group stage of the tournament with a game against “Tobi”, after that the schedule of the competition will be clear.
Pay attention to the schedule of the other matches:
Saturday 31st of March

09:30 Tuxer - "Espoo" - "Ludvika"
10:50. Skoda -  "Tobi" - HC "Donbass"
12:20. 4th Tuxer – 4th  Skoda - 5-8th places
13:40. 3d  Skoda  - 3d  Tuxer  - 5-8th place 
15:10. 1st  Tuxer – 2nd  Tuxer  - 1-4th places
16:30. 1st  Skoda – 2nd  Skoda  - 1-4th places
18:00. 3d Tuxer  - 4th Skoda  - 5-8th places
19:20. 1st  Tuxer – 2nd   Skoda  - 1-4th places
20:50. 1st  Skoda – 2nd  Tuxer  1-4th places

Sunday, 1st of April
09:00. 3d Tuxer – 4th  Tuxer - 5-8 places
10:20. 2nd  Skoda  - 2nd Tuxer - 1-4 places
12:00. 3d  Skoda – 4th  Skoda  - 5-8th places
13:30. 1st  Tuxer – 1st  Skoda  1-4 places
14:50. 3d  Skoda – 4th  Tuxer  - 5-8 places

16:00. Awarding ceremony
Аmong regulations rules it is worth saying that teams play two periods of 20 minutes. As a matter of fact it is children tournament and young hockey players shouldn’t be overstrained too much. 
It also worth mentioning that by the end of “Tuxer Cup Skoda” our team plans three practice games with Swedish clubs “Huddinge”, “SDE”, “Tobi”.
Press-service of HC "Donbass"