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Valery Sidorov, "The team have the opportunity to prove themselves"

30-03-12 10:51:30

The team coach “Donbass - 98” Valery Sidorov expressed his expectations from the upcoming tournament and from Swedish Tour on the whole.
- Does Sweden submit to Ukrainian champions?
- (Laughs) "We came here in order not to lose but to have an experience and prepare for the next season, to work and see how much we learn from these games."
- Three days and three games. What is your opinion about last games?
- "It is too early to draw concrete conclusions. But for now, at this level of the game, we can clearly see our strengths and weaknesses at the moment. We are good at speed, physically strong, mentally stable and even the coaches of our competitors admit that technology and individual tactics approximately, on an equal level with them. But unfortunately, we don’t have much experience at this level of the game, that’s why we “fall” sometimes, lack of sharpness in our movements and slow in making decision. We are not use to the teams of such class and have not studied them long to defense yet. We saw with whom we should work individually and in command. The last three games we played have given us much to understand, but we have another nine upcoming games and this is great opportunity for team to show what we have and what we need to get better at."
- What kind of tasks do you put up for the Tournament?
- "To be honest, we want to win. But this is the first time we participate with this team in a high level tournament at once in Sweden. That’s why we don’t have concrete tasks but we have a single goal – to play every game with the full dedication, to work for a 100% percent and to take from the games only the best – experience and positive development, we came here to get it. If we will get something else here, we will be even happier."
Aleksandr Khryakov for the press service of HC "Donbass", from Stockholm