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Dmitriy Karaseni: “All team played for the sake of victory ”

29-03-12 12:39:07

After winning against Swedish “Sponge”, one of the best Stockholm team, “Donbas-98” forward Dmitriy Karaseni couldn’t suppress his feelings.
- What are your impressions after the game?
- "What can anybody say scoring 4 goals in a game – the feelings are fantastic! But the entire team worked for it, not only me, everybody contributed. It is great that we managed to play our hockey!"
- Did your rival astonish you?
- "Today we were fresher, after having a rest. If it had been like this yesterday, we would have won the previous match (a game against “Djurgarden” ended with the score 3-3, author’s note). But the rival team played a good hockey game. They are fast, they passed real well and had good shots at the net.They were coached real well. It wasn’t a simple game. We saw the moments to be worked out thoroughly." 
- What helped you to win?
- "Scoring early helped us a lot. I think we were stronger physically, worked hard on the ice. Coaches guides (Jim Brithén and Valeriy Sidorov ), their words and beforehanded corrections helped us a lot."
- You beat quarterfinalists of local championship, and they in turn beat “Djurgarden” twice.
- "Well, we are the Champions of Ukraine!" (smiling)
- What are your plans?
- "We are getting ready for play against “Nakka”. It will be on Thursday night. Probably we will go sightseeing, have a rest and play with new energy."

Aleksandr Khryakov for the press service of HC "Donbass", from Stockholm