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Denis Mostovoy: We want to show “how we can play”!

29-03-12 11:57:46

Before the second friendly game with the team "Spong" before the Tournament, Denis Mostovoy, the captain of "Donbass-98", who is in Sweden now, shared his thoughts about the teams:

- How was your flight to Sweden? What was your first impression?
- "The impressions are good. This is a new experience for all of us and everything is so interesting. We arrived without any incidents, according to the schedule. Got tired a bit, because it was a long day. We woke up in Donetsk at 4:00 am and immediately went to the airport. Than the flights, expectation of the flights, passport controls – everything is so exhausting. We arrived in Sweden at 3:00 pm (local time difference -1 hour from Kiev - approx. auto.). Within an hour after the check-in we went to prepare for our first game with the team "Djurgarden"."

- Is it hard to play right after the flight?
- "The tiredness was a factor, but our team is very strong. We are preparing before every game and go out to win, no matter what."

- Are you satisfied with the draw in the first game?
-"The opponents are new and interesting, but we thought that it would be harder to play with them."

- Where did you stop at? How did they meet you?
- "We have stopped at the hotel "Ibis." Conditions are good, the food is different and delicious every day and everybody friendly to us."

- What do expect most from the Swedish tour?
- "We are expecting the tournament, to show how we play and compete at the highest levels."- Did you like the Stockholm? Have you seen any sights yet?

- Did you liked Stockholm? Have you been somewhere already?
- "So far we visited only a small shopping center near the hotel not for long. We don’t have much time. We give all our attention to the games. Perhaps we will visit the historic part of the town and main sights of the city if we will have time."

- What is the mood of the team? What do you expect from the game with the team "Sponge"?
- "We are very confident. We know how to play a hockey, and came here for experience. We want to "grow".

Aleksandr Khryakov for the press service of HC "Donbass", from Stockholm