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HC "Donbass" won the Western Conference

08-02-12 20:21:20

Today, ice hockey club "Donbass" became inaccessible to their rivals by Western Conference in VHL. Of course, this is not a victory in the Highest Hockey League, champion of which will be determined after a long and thorny path of commands through a sieve of playoffs, but this is definitely the first significant result, achieved in the Highest Hockey League, by debutant of the tournament, which is the Donetsk club.

Early victory on the "West", where for most of the teams left to play 6 - 7 games, became possible by the successful performance of the wards of Aleksandr Kulikov in the last months of the season, and by today's defeat of the "Diesel" from the "Lada" (3:4), because Penza's players, theoretically, still could oust Donetsk players from the first place in the Conference. As for the "Neftyanik", then players from Almetevsk, even if they will show a perfect result, in the end will be able to score only 102 points, which are already in an active of the "Donbass", but even if they will win 6 games remaining in regulation time, they will only come to equal with the "red-black". However, in this case, according to Article 26 of the Regulations will come into force an additional indicators, on which the Ukrainian club has a more advantageous position, having a greater number of victories in overtime.

Recall that the final place in the standings for the Yaroslavl "Lokomotiv" will be determined according to the Supplement to the Regulations - by the greatest index of percentage of scored points, but for the teams, ranked from the third till the twelfth.

So, victory in the Western Conference, in addition to moral satisfaction, will give to the HC "Donbass" advantage of home ground in the playoffs, starting with the earliest stage - quarter finals, and also, in case of passage in the next stage, in the Conference semifinals, and Championship semifinals. As for the finals, then in it, advantage of home ground will have the team that has won a higher place in the overall standings, for which, the struggle between the the "Donbass", Neftekamsk "Toros" and Tyumen "Rubin" is still ongoing.

For more information on dates and formula of playoffs you can learn from the corresponding VHL Circular (rus).

Press Service of HC "Donbass"