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The Continental Cup: HC Donbass in figures

16-01-12 11:43:40

From the 13th to the 15th of January Donetsk club Donbass had three matches in the Super final of Four in the IIHF Continental Cup in Rouen. In total the Donetsk club had two victories and one defeat. Aleksandr Kulikovʼs players had 10 shots at goal (on average 3,33 per the match) and missed the puck 8 times (on average – 2,26 times per match).
According to the system “goal+pass” the forward Denis Kochetkov took overall 4th place (5 points, 1 goal + 4 assists). In the ranking of the best forwards are Oleg Shafarenko and Sergey Varlamov (each had 2 goals).
The best defensemen were Evgeniy Dubrovin (3 points, 1 goal + 2pass) and Andrey Bashko from “Yunost” team (3 points, 2 goals + 1 pass), and according to the decision of the organizers, the award of the best defenseman was given to Vladimir Malevich.
The best players amongst the Donbass team and their opponents were determined in each of three games. In the match with “Yunost” the goalkeeper Evgeniy Tsaregorodcev was awarded the accolade by the organizers; in the match against “Ansiago” the forward Sergey Piskunov, and in the final match with the “Rouen Dragons” the defenseman Valeriy Didikin. Amongst the Donbass team, Andrey Esipov and Aleksandr Jurun had the best performance indicators according to the system +/- ( + 2).
HC Donbass was the most sporting team of the decisive match of the Continental Cup. During three games the team had just 24 minutes of time penalties (on average 8 minute per match), their opponents breaking the rules more often against them (in total 34 minutes – 11,33 minutes per match). The referees benched 3 Donbass players – Vitaliy Donik, Valeriy Didikin and Vladislav Egin (2 penalties each player).
“Donbass” had 16 power play attempts and were successful on 5 occasions. The powerplay completion percentage was 31,25% this being the best figure amongst all the teams taking part in the Continental Cup.
Summary of the number of fans watching the matches. In total 7 246 spectators watched the matches involving HC “Donbass” (on average 2 415 spectators per match). In total 15 110 fans saw 6 games from the tribunes in France or 2 518 spectators per match on average.
Press service of HC “Donbass”