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“Donbass-98” took 5th place in the “Riga Cup 2012”

22-04-12 17:55:07

The Sunday’s game for the “Donbass 98” started an hour before noon. As we reported yesterday, due to a peculiarity in the Rules (by the additional indications) red and black were forced to continue the fight in the Riga Cup 2012 contesting  5th and 8th places. In their match against Rigans, it was their opponents who scored first against Donbass 98, but it didn’t stay that way for long. It took less than a minute for Denis Mostovoy to level the scoring and not long after Dimitriy Karaseni took advantage of a pass from Vadim Mazur and put Donbass 98 into the lead. The scorer of Donbass’ first goal then became provider with a pass to Arthur Kryuchenkin to score in the 17th minute of the game. This proved to be a turning point in the game as the resolve of the Rigans disappeared and our players built up their advantage by adding a further five goals. In the end we beat our opponents and now await our next match on Sunday against the team situated nearby, Moscow “Olimpiya”.

HC "Donbass-98" - HC "Riga" - 8:1 (1:1, 4:0, 3:0)
0:1. Turevichs (Tomilovs, 10:10), 1:1. Mostovoy  (Mazur, 11:00), 2:1. Karaseni (Mazur, 15:07), 3-1. Kryuchenkin (Mostovoy, 16:29), 4:1. Ganopolsky (Kryuchenkin, Merezhko, 23:55), 5:1. Mostovoy (Mazur, 27:49), 6:1. Cachan (Ordinskiy, 35:01), 7:1. Kryuchenkin (Kusov, Cachan, 39:30), 8:1. Shevchenko (Shabarov, Balakin, 44:59).

The tournament ended on a positive note for our boys. Envoys of the coal capital of Ukraine, the team beat the goalkeeper from the team just outside of Moscow in both the first and third periods to give an important victory, guaranteeing them fifth place at the end of the international tournament.

Playing in a competition like this against their peers from all over Europe will no doubt enhance the skills of our students. The team comes back to the Ukraine on Tuesday and resume their training, which is still in full swing. Tomorrow morning a "red-black" will continue the fight with the other Russian team – the "Bears" - which will be a bold end to their Baltic tour.

"Donbass-98" (Donetsk) - "Olympia" (Balashiha) - 2:0 (1:0, 0:0, 1:0)
1-0. Cachan (Shabarov, Merezhko, 02:12), 2-0. Balakin (Shabarov, 37:25).

Press Service of HC "Donbass"