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"Donbass-98” on their way to the tournament in Sweden

24-03-12 23:32:30

30th March to 1st April 2012 in Stockholm will be a major international tournament “Tuxer Shkoda Cup” with the participation of youth teams (under the age of 14 years old) from, Sweden, Finland and Ukraine. The team “Donbass-98” the champions of Ukraine will represent our country in this tournament.

Besides players from Donetsk the other teams will join the tournament too, such teams like "Dyurgarden", "Haninge," "Tebi", "Ludvika", "Sodertalje" (all from - Sweden) as well as “Espoo” from Finland and the team from Vantaa. According to the rules of the tournament participants will be divided into two groups. The first group called Shkoda will have“Donbass -98” along with Vantaa, "Tebi" and "Sodertalje". The other group of four teams will be called the“Turser” group. In the group tournament the teams will play three games in one day, after this they will play for the championship in a playoff system format.  Besides this, in Sweden, “Donbass-98” will play outside of the tournament six friendly games with the local clubs.

The team “Donbass-98” under head coach Jim Brithen and Valeriy Sidorov that travels to Sweden consist of:

20. Bogdan Dyachenko
30. Yuriy Krasnopolskiy
33. Nikita Gordyushin
15. Aleksander Bunyak
17. Sergei Shakurov
25. Ivan Ganapolskiy
31. Igor Merezhko
32. Stanislav Ordynskiy
34. Andrei Grigoriev
Forwards (attackers):
7. Daniil Shabanov
8. Igor Shevchenko
9. Nikita Oleinik
10. Vadim Mazur
12. Bogdan Khitsenko
13. Yuriy Kachan
16. Dmitry Karaseni
18. Dennis Mostovoy
21. Nikita Balakin
22. ArthurKryuchenkin
29. Artem Kusov

During the whole tournament you can receive updated information about the games “Donbass-98” on our website.

Press Service of HC "Donbass"