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"Donbass" stopped one step away from a trophy

15-01-12 19:58:27

Hockey club "Donbass" lost the decisive last game to French "Rouen", trying to win their first ever club trophy in the history.

"Rouen Dragons" (France) - "Donbass" (Ukraine) - 5:2 (0:0, 3:1, 2:1)

January 15, 2012, 19:30. Rouen. Patinua ILE Lacroix, 2747 spectators.

"Rouen": Henri. Allen - Santala, Mallett - Desroaze - Alomo, Verenka – Demen - Villom, Mulle - Zhenett - Tinel, Zhanil - Manavyan, Reh - Salmivirta – Par, Fare- Lerisi, Joly - Berton - Gulerres.

"Donbass": Tsaregorodtsev. Malevich - Lyutkevich, Piskunov - Zhurun ​​- Belukhin, Dubrovin - Dydykin, Kochetkov - Varlamov - Hulten, Seleznev – Pobedonostsev, Shafarenko - Materuhin - Donica, Esipov - Eghine, Vasilyev - Tatarinov - Gladskih

Goals: 1-0. Gyunett (Desroazie, 23:29), 2-0. Tinel (Par, Salmivirta, 31:55), 2-1. Dydykin (Kochetkov, 35:48 - big) 3:1. Tinel (Malett, Desroaze, 38:37), 3:2. Kochetkov (Dubrovin, Hult, 49:52 - big) 4:2. Mallett (57:16), 5:2. Desroaze (Tinel, Malett, 57:40).

Penalty: 12 – 8

Shots: 23-37

With the crazy pressure from the fans tribunes and incredible responsibility for the outcome, it was very important for “Donbass” to score the first goal to the opponents’s net but the goalie, "RD" Henry, who loves the pressure of the game kept Donbass out of the net. “Donbass” was trying to implement a number of offences for three times, which they were passing through the long distance and medium distance, but the guardian of the French net were firmly avoiding the threats from their gates. Although, the goalkeeper of “Donbass” Tsaregorodtsev Eugene, also was trying to stop the pucks from going into the net and played safe like his teammates.

Doesn’t matter how hard “Donbass” was trying, they couldn’t get the puck into the net of Henry, it like a spell was on it, and the French used it in the first period to score the first goal. Moreover Tinnel supported his teammates, Ginette and doubled his team's advantage with a second goal. Dydykin was able to shoot a goal passed Henry at the play of numerical advantage but despite these efforts, Henry has been able to use psychological advantage and “Donbass” scored the third goal.

"Donbass" has played extremely hard throughout the game, but the French fought back as best they could. Kachetkov restored hope, neglected in the majority, and then started something incredible. "Rouen" shot two goals passed Tsaregorodtseva, and snatched the Cup from "Yunost", could be the winner of tournament.

Press Service of HC "Donbass"