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“Asiago” is defeated! Two-thirds of the way there

14-01-12 17:19:27

Today in the second game of the Super Final of the Continental Cup the champions of Ukraine easily defeated the Italian team “Asiago”.

"Asiago" (Italy) - "Donbass" (Ukraine) - 2:6 (0:2, 2:2, 0:2)

On January 14. Rouen. France. "Ile Lacroix."

"Asiago": Greeko(Tura). Bergstrem - Fata, Borrelli - Intranuovo - Bentivolio, Miliorantsi - Stratstsabosko, Presti – Tessary- Benetti, Marchetti - Macdonald, Pitton - Ulmer - Henryh, Basso, Stevan - Busa.

"Donbass": Goryachevskih. Lyutkevich - Malevich, Piskunov - Zhurun ​​- Belukhin, Dubrovin - Dydykin, Kochetkov - Varlamov - Hult, Esipov - Eghine, Vasiliyev - Tatarinov - Gladskih, Seleznev – Pobedonostsev, Shafarenko - Materuhin - Donica.

Pucks: 0-1. Varlamov (Kochetkov, 3:53), 0-2. Dubrovin (Dydykin, Kochetkov, 19:15 - maj.) 1:2. Borelli (Bentivoglio, 26:00 - maj.) 1:3. Shafarenko (Donica, 26:39), 2:3. Ulmer (Benetti, 32:06), 2:4. Shafarenko (Donica, Materukhin, 35:44), 2:5. Varlamov (Kochetkov, Dubrovin, 53:51 - 3x5), 2:6. Piskunov (Seleznev, 58:42)

Shots - 31:61.

Penalty - 14:10.
With the majority of the game in the first period (shots – 9-24), the players of the Hockey Club “Donbass” could only make it count twice, however, they could also “complete” the game in this period too because their Italian opponents were looking so confused. At the beginning of the game Segey Vrlamov started the scoring one to zero by sending a puck past the goalkeeper of “Asiago”, and in the last minute of the period a precise shot by Dubrovin a move involving five players. The Italians were able to mount a significant attack only once, testing goalkeeper Stephan Goryachevskih in the 17th minute.
In the second period the players of HC "Donbass" began to allow their opponents into the game, first by giving them an advantage of two men, then three and in the end of four men. During this time, Borelli and partners reduced the deficit. Literally, after half a minute Shafarenko returned their opponents to their place but the same inattention of the Donetsk defense led to the second puck in the goal  of Goryachevskih. Ulmer’s goal replied to that of Shafarenko again, chalking up a double in the second period. The French fans loved such an open hockey game; they filled the tribune to overflowing, but it hardly pleased the coaches.
Returning their advantage in the third period of 20 minutes, Donbass give their opponents any chances, not even the thought or possibility to win or at least, to even the score. Varlamov and Piskunov brought the advantage of "Donbass" to an impressive conclusion, and won the second game in the tournament.
Man of the Match: Ulmer - Piskunov.

Press Service of HC "Donbass"