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31.01.12 19:00    Druzhba Palace, Donetsk


VHL Championship (West)
First stage of VHL (regular championship)
4 : 1
(0:0, 1:0, 3:1)
Game ended

Dinamo Bsh



After the match with the "Donbas" the head coach of HC "Dynamo" Aleksandr Savchenko complained the lack of experience in the wards

- Today's game I liked. We lost in skills. It was the desire, struggle, passion, attitude, but the skills was not enough, to implement majority, to score our points. Then it may be the game would have turned out differently. Hard to teach this. To score goals - may be given or not given. Liked an opponent, deservedly won. "Donbass" was stronger in skills and experience. However, even after losing, we see the positive.

- "Dinamo" has not lost its chance to get to the playoffs. Is this puts pressure on the team?

- This is not the first game, which we are losing and the coaches of opponents have praised on us. It is not the case. It is not in the standings. The point is in the game. If we will not get into the playoffs - it will be disastrous season, but they also will continue to play. The main thing is to develop the guys. It didn't happen now, will get through the year. We must work to achieve some goals. It sits in my head. Numerous game in a row that our players cannot score. Moreover, the moments we had, were for hundred percent. This puts pressure on the players, they does not have a chance to "straighten up" and start to play well, straightened them shoulders. I cannot say single out anyone individually. Today was a team. We just did not have the skills and experience in the game with such an experienced team as "Donbass".

At the post game press conference head coach of HC "Donbass" Aleksandr Kulikov has analysed in details the game of his team

- The game was good by the movement, fight. The "Dinamo" still has a chance for the playoffs. They cling to and try to score. As far as our game, it was a lot of deletions. Our goalie, in the first two periods, has bailed out us somewhere. After the fourth scored puck - relaxed and allowed our opponent to score. At the end, we achieved the desired result, but there are things to make out tomorrow. Need to watch and talk about the deletions. In general, we continue to implement the program of preparation for the playoffs and move to the target.

- Today the goalie Stepan Goryachevskikh was at his best. He had so much becouse he missed many game?

- Stepan was injured for a long time. Two or three days of practicing, and doctors have given "good". He played really well. There were moments when you were playing in the minority, when he rescued the team.

- Evaluate the first block, in game, which scored three goals.

- Top block played in its power. In this combination they are playing a lot of time, they have their own simulated combinations, which, as you can see, good turn out.

- Is there a chance to see Alexander Borovkov before the playoffs on the site?

- There are really a lot of injured players we have. Doctors say that in mid-February, he may be able to start training. Tatarinov will recover a bit before. Vasiliev - is not yet known. I hope on those dates to see them. We shall see, at least on the ice. In what form they will be - is another matter. I would like to see them in the team in the last three games of the regular season. I would like to see that composition, with whom we come into the playoffs.

- One of the goals is on the account of Malevich. He has scoring before. Is this setting for him or his personal desire?

- He - is effective defender. He throws a lot, strumming in a pair of defenders in the game in the majority. He had a lot more points. Needs to throw more. I think he still has not opened his potential at full.

- Andre Hult could score more than once. Is it a bad luck or he has not yet came into the team?

- He is a very good hockey player. He have skating, hands, head, but there is something he should have too. We are still looking, maybe we need to make changes in the blocks. We would like to use the players in full. We know that he can play better. It may be done, changing in the blocks.

- The same question on Gladskikh. It was a long time we have been waiting for a big performance from him than he is now.

- We also look forward... Eugeny is working in training, works well. Now we have a few people with traumas and we give him a chance and believe in him. He has a good data, but so far it does not shine effectiveness.

Press Service of HC "Donbass"