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Ukraine in the Continental Cup

23-11-11 03:33:40

On 25-27 of November 2011, Donetsk will be overflowed with heretofore unheard event - drawing of the only one European club competition in ice hockey - Continental Cup! The peculiarity of this event for us is that for the first time since the founding of the tournament (1997) one of its rounds, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) has entrusted to organize to the Ukrainian city...

"Donbass" is not the first representative of Ukraine in the semi-final stage of the Continental Cup. In previous years on the verge of "Final of Four" five times turned out to the Kiev "Sokol" and one time the the capital's "Berkut", but none of them have not had to pass a sieve of the semifinal round. By the way, "Berkut", in season - 2000/2001, coached by current "Donbass" coach Alexander Kulikov. Then his team lost in all matches: to Swiss' "Ambri-Piotte" (2:4) and "Lugano" (4:7), and to German champion "Munich Barons"(4:5). Now, after ten years, the Ukrainian coach will make a second attempt to qualify a critical stage, to fight for the championship trophy with the Donetsk team in January 2012. There is no doubt that the factor of native stands will be an additional asset of the "Donbass" in solving the main task - winning the home stage.

It should be recalled that during the 15-year history of the Continental Cup, Ukraine was represented exclusively with the Kiev teams ("Sokol," "Berkut", "Berkut-PVO", "Irbis"). However, often overcoming the thorny path from the first round (!), none of our envoys have not fortunate enough to play in the Super Final (or in the "Final of Four", as for anyone). We wish "Donbass" to become a pioneer!

By the way

More than any other Continental Cup was possessed by the Swiss "Ambri-Piotta" (1999, 2000), "Zurich" (2001, 2002) and the Belorussian "Yunost" (2007, 2011) - twice each.

Among the Ukrainians prize of Continental Cup won: Vitaly Lahmatov ("Ambri-Piotta" -2000), Andrew Mikhnov ("Lada" -2006), Alexander Materuhin, Oleg Timchenko, Oleg Shafarenko (all - "Yunost" -2011).

In season - 2007/08, opportunity to represent Ukraine at the Euro arene received the Kiev "ATEK", but due to the untimely filing of the application for participation in the Dutch "bullet", freshly baked champions of the country were excluded from the draw of the Continental Cup.

Press Service of HC "Donbass"