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There is a reason to meet! HC "Donbass" visited the "Donbass Arena"

18-11-11 23:01:24

Photos on memory, new friends and many pleasant experiences. With such baggage left one of the best stadiums in Eastern Europe - "Donbass-Arena" team of the hockey club "Donbass". The proposal to visit the "pearl" of Donetsk region, received from the leader of the Ukrainian football FC "Shakhtar", the club, staff and players of our team - took first with pleasure, and on Friday for about two hours to the home arena of "orange and black" bus arrived with a crowded hockey delegation.

If only the schedule of FC "Shakhtar" and HC "Donbass", in recent days have not been so busy, and football players and hockey players will soon face some very critical matches, for sure, the program of visit of the "red-black" to "Donbass Arena" could be increased at times, but for an hour many of the guests learned about the magnificent stadium and the team playing on it, and its history of more than previously could be obtained from numerous reference books and the press.

Conference room, players locker room, interesting special rooms of Arena - all that is usually hidden from the eyes of fans who came to the tribunes, most of the players of "Donbass" saw for the first time. It will remain an unforgettable experience for many after a walk to the lawn of "Donbass Arena" under the traditional football march along the path from under tribune rooms. Exactly the one that brought to the eyes of many thousands of fans are usually go players of "Shakhtar".

It is logical that for a visit to "miners" representatives of the hockey club" Donbass "could not come empty-handed. Welcomed the guests and took gifts from our team General Director of "Donbass Arena" Alexander Atamanenko, who also prepared for the guests memorable presents from FC "Shakhtar". However, that was the highlight of the exchange of memorable T-shirts. Head Coach of HC "Donbass" Alexander Kulikov and captain Sergey Varlamov handed to the football club the T-shirt branded with the number 75 - in honor of the 75th anniversary of FC "Shakhtar" and in return received T-shirt with the number 10 - in honor of the tenth anniversary HC "Donbass". Well, debate started immediately concerning professional football and hockey could easily turn into hours-long, after all, with one and other sides met true professionals.

But time for the visit inevitably comes to an end, and urgent business called to the road. On Saturday morning, the players of HC "Donbass" will take a course on Chelyabinsk, where the November 20 will play with the local "Mechel". Perhaps the positive emotions received during a visit to the "Donbass-Arena" will help wards of Alexander Kulikov, to tune in to match with a very difficult opponent.

At the end of the visit remained only to thank to "Donbass-Arena" for the hospitality and to wish to the football club "Shakhtar" a new success on the football fields in Ukraine and Europe.

The plot of "Shakhtar-TV" about the visit of the delegation of of HC "Donbass" to "Donbass arena"

The plot of TC "Donbass"

Press Service of HC "Donbass". Photo of FC "Shakhtar"