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"Mechel" interrupted the eight match winning series of the "Donbass"

20-11-11 15:11:10

"Mechel" (Chelyabinsk) - "Donbass" (Donetsk) - 3:2 (0:1, 1:1, 2:0)

November 20, 2011. 13:00. Chelyabinsk. IP "Mechel". 1,500 spectators.

Judges: Alekseev, D. (Novosibirsk), Golyshev A. (Perm), Litvinov, E. (Perm)

Mechel: Danylyshyn. Voronov - Kostromitin, Hevelius - Plaskin, Lukyanchuk - Manuhov, Ushakov. Tsybin - Dugin - Karpov, Pridannikov - Abdulkadirov - Kozlowski, Topol - Vlasov - Elizarov, Panasenko - Zakharov - Filonov.

Donbass: Tsaregorodtsev. Lyutkevich - Malevich, Heghine - Dubrovin, Yesipov - Tolkunov, Shagov. Zhurun ??- Belukhin - Piskunov, Tatarinov - Varlamov - Kochetkov, Vasilyev - Shafarenko - Materuhin, Gladskih, Kostichkin.

Goals: 0-1. Heghine (Dubrovin, 16:39), 0:2. Yesipov (Materuhin, Vasiliev, 29:24), 1:2. Topol (Chistyakov, Voronov, 34:26), 2-2. Voronov (Topol, Elizarov, 49:13), 2:3. Abdulkadirov (Manuhov, Filonov, 55:46 - m.)

Penalty: 10 (2 +6 +2) - 16 (8 +6 +2)

Shots: 16 (5 +4 +7) - 24 (7 +7 +10)

Face-offs: 31 (10 +9 +12) - 26 (6 +5 +15)

Despite the eight minutes of penalty and already in the opening of the match Donetsk players were in the minority after the removal of Alexander Zhurun, hockey players of "Donbass", "overthrow" opponents in the first third of the meeting. The goalkeeper of "Mechel" Alexander Danylyshyn was alert, but for momentary loss of concentration immediately was "punished" by Vladislav Heghine. Throw of the guests defender from the blue line on the 17 th minute of the game caught the goalkeeper from Cheliabinsk off guard.

In the second period goalkeeper of "Mechel" had again come into play more often then his counterpart Yevgeny Tsaregorodtsev, but both have been needed to get the puck out of the own gate. For the first time the threat came from Alexander Materuhin, who brought in a comfortable position for sighting shot Andrew Yesipov. So after a Heghine have distinguished  the second defender "Donbass". However, the hockey players of "Mechel" could found the strength to turn the tide of the match.

Toward the end of the second period, the main goalscorer of Cheliabinsk Sergei Topol was able to choose the correct position and without interference  to hit the top corner of the goals of Tsaregorodtsev, and already in the third 20 minutes score was then equal. Aleksei Voronov  took advantage of the confusion of the "Donbass" players in front of their gates and managed to hit the target.

Encouraged by this turn of events the players of "Mechel" stepped up the pressure on the gates of the guests, and Sergei Piskunov got small penalty not at the time. Abdulkadirov, received the puck to "hook" after a series of ricochets, was able to realize the numerical advantage. In the last minutes Donetsk players attempted to save the match, but at least even could not equalize. Thus the eight match winning series of "Donbass" is broken, but on Tuesday, November 22, could begin a new one, when on the ice of the Palace of Sports "Yubileiny" in Orsk will go local "South Ural" and the hockey club "Donbass".

Press Service of HC "Donbass"