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"Donbass-2" beat "Companion-Naftogaz" and reduced the backlog from the "Sokol"

18-11-11 21:00:49

Another game in Donetsk of the "Donbass-2" in the Ukraine PHL championship against the Kiev "Companion-Naftogaz" was held in a bitter struggle, and held the audience in suspense until the third puck of Donetsk players, which was abandoned in 6 seconds before the final siren.

In the first period not either team could not open an account, although the moments for that was enough, but then strikers fail to act at the end of attacks and the goalkeepers  demonstrated they skills in the goals.

In the second period a good passage on the right side turned out the Donetsk player Babinets, who managed with an acute angle to open the account of the game at the 29th minute. Kyiv players intensified and after 8 minutes in most, equalized - Ponomarev shot the net of Napnenko after the assist of Krivomazov - 1:1. But we must pay tribute to the Donetsk players who managed to to go on the second break, leading in account - 2:1. Dolgikh scored the puck to the "locker room" to "Companion" at the 40th minute.

In the third period, the team continued to share by acute moment, but the score remained unchanged, until the head coach of "Naftogaz" Alexander Seukand not released the sixth field player instead of the goalkeeper trying to save the match. Guests almost scored second puck, but host goalkeeper Napnenko played reliable. And for 6 seconds before the end of the game Donetsk defender Vasilyev successfully passed the puck across the board to Mihnov and Donetsk forward put an end to the match, scored the puck into an empty net - 3-1.

After the victory the "Donbass-2" is gaining 44 points in 19 games, and reduces the gap from the leader of Ukraine's PHL - Kiev "Sokol" (54 points), which is now lost in Kharkov  to "Sharks" 2-3 in  post-match shoot-out. It was the first loss of Kiev team in the season.

The next game in the PHL championship "Donbass-2" will hold in Donetsk on the ice Arena "Leader" November 21 against the "Kharkiv Sharks". Start of the game at 7:00 p.m..

"Donbass-2" - "Companion-Naftogaz" - 3:1 (0:0, 2:1, 1:0)

18 November 2011 y. 19:00. Donetsk. LSK "Leader." 350 spectators.

Judges: O. Luskan, A. Sevruk, A. Hladchenko, O. Hovorun

Donbass-2: Napnenko. R. Borisenko - Kuhut, Rasulov - Vl. Aleksyuk, V. Vasilyev - Tezykov. R. Blahoy - Anikeev - Nymenko, Myhnov - Bondarev - Pastukh, Bobkyn - Yshakov - Strakhov, Dolgikh - Averkin - Babynets, Nykulnykov.

Companion-Naftogaz: Zavyalov. Zelenko - Kryvomaz, Mukhanov - Abaev, Tytovets - Chumak. Karaulschuk - Sharyton - Khomutov, Zabludovskyy - Roslyakov - Gavrilyuk, Esaulov - Ponomarev - Vinokurov, Dzyubenko - Chernish - Sviridov, I. Dvornik, A. Dvornik.

Goals: 1-0. Babynets (Kuhut, R. Borisenko, 28:32), 1:1. Ponomarev (Kryvomaz, 36:27 - m.) 2:1. Dolgikh (Averkin, Kuhut, 39:23), 3:1. Myhnov (V. Vasilyev, Bondarev, 59:54 - e.g.).

Shots: 36 (20 +11 +5) - 31 (6 +14 +11)

Face-offs: 28 (12 +10 +6) - 44 (14 +15 +15)

Penalty: 8 (2 +4 +2) - 10 (6 +2 +2)

Press Service of HC "Donbass"