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Introducing the next opponent of "Donbass-2" in PHL Ukraine. HC "Berkut" (Kiev)

07-11-11 11:43:50

November 8 Donetsk team "Donbass-2" will play the match in the PHL championship of Ukraine with team from Kiev "Berkut". The game will be held in the Arena "Druzhba" at 7:00 p.m.

Introducing the rival of Donetsk club:

HC "Berkut" (Kiev)

The club was founded in May 2011.

Home Arena: Ice Arena TRC "The Terminal" (Brovary, st. Kievskaya, 316). Central matches against main rivalsclub will held in Kiev Palace of Sports (Kiev, Sports Sq., 1).

President: David Zhvania

The head of the board of trustees: Sergey Kharovskii

Head coach: Dmitry Markovski

Assistant: Dmitry Pidgursky

Director: Sergei Suprun

Official Site: http://hc-berkut.com/ru/

Kiev "Berkut" was formed in May 2011. At the turn of the millennium in the championship of the East European League and the Ukrainian championship hockey clubs were "Berkut-PPO" and "Berkut-Kiev". However, the heir to the glorious traditions of these teams "Berkut" is notbelong to, although at this time both these teams are ceased to exist.

In September 2011 Kiev "Berkut" participated in a preseason hockey Kharkiv Governor's Cup. Dmitry Markovsky team  managed to beat all they rivals and become the winner of the competition.

In the championship of the Professional Hockey League of Ukraine in season-2011/12 team is formed not as successful as planned by direction, assigning to the Club the maximum objective - to win the PHLchampionship. The first defeat in the regular championship "Berkut" just suffered from the "Donbass-2", losing by a record number of championships of Ukraine for the audience (6000) gathered on September 20 in Kiev Sports Palace:

"Berkut" (Kiev) - "Donbass-2" (Donetsk) - B 3:4 (2:0, 1:1, 0:2, 0:0, 0:1)

September 20, 2011. 18:30. Kiev. Palace of Sport. 6000 spectators.

Goals: 3:37 Butsenko (Bryzgalov, Valuoja) - 1:0, 5:13 P. Borisenko (Bega) - 2:0, 24:06 Babinec (Kugut) - 2:1, 28:35 Dvoretsky (Yakovlev, Salnikov ) - 3:1, 43:49 Pastukh (Bondarev) - 3:2, 51:31 P. Blagoy (Fedoseev) - 3:3; R. Blagoy - 3:4 (decisive bullet).

Now the "Berkut" in the standings on the third place of the regular PHL season, "on the heels" of Donetsk "Donbas-2" - coming on the second place, ahead is the Donetsk residents closer to Kiev on 2 points. Tomorrow's game will be largely determined in the fight for second place, and some of the clubs will rush in pursuit of the championship leader - Kiev "Sokol." It is interesting that in the "Berkut" acts younger brother of head coach of "Donbass-2" Oleg Mikulchik - Pavel.

Press Service of HC "Donbass"