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Eugeniy Tsaregorodtsev Best Goalkeeper of the Week in VHL

01-11-11 11:48:12
Donbass goalkeeper Eugeniy Tsaregorodtsev choosed as the best goalkeeper of the week in VHL. As you know, the Commission has to determine the best hockey championship Supreme Hockey League - All-Russian competition in ice hockey season-2011-2012 on the basis of statistical results and analysis of special expert determines the winners of the next segment of the tournament in various categories.

The key to success in Donetsk guard the gates were two match winning hockey club Donbass, in which he defended the gates of the club with the percentage of reflected throws - 97.78. The coefficient of reliability was the goalkeeper - 0.50. Moreover, in a duel in Izhstal (2:0) Eugene kept its goal intact.

The best defender of the week is Andrey Korabeynikov (born 1987) from Kazzinc-Torpedo, the best forward - Eugene Tunick (1984) of Toros in the Hope of the League excelled another hockey player, Toros - Stanislav Soloviev ( , 1991). Recall that the primacy in the nomination  League Hope pretend hockey players born on or after 1 January 1991, and carried through not more than 20 games in the first championship of VHL.

HC Donbass  press-office