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Another win for Donbass, first shootout for Goryachevskikh

04-10-11 19:38:09

HC Sarov (Sarov) - HC Donbass (Donetsk) - 0:2 (0:1, 0:0, 0:1)

Venue: Sarov. LD Sarov, October 4, 6 pm.

Donbass: Goryachevskih. Pobedonostsev - Tolkunov, Materuhin - Borovkov - Piskunov, Tezikov - Esipov, Kochetkov - Shafarenko - Varlamov; Lyutkevich - Malevich, Donika - Belukhin - Zhurun; Isayenko - Pastukh - Tsyrul.

Goals: 10:03 Belukhin (Tezikov) 0-1; 59:06 Kochetkov 0-2.

SOG: 18 - 26

Face-offs: 23 - 20

PIM: 10 - 12



Aleksandr Kulikov (Donbass Head Coach):

- Everyone would agree that the game was tuff, intense and close - spectators, perhaps, until the last minute could not predict the result. Score 1-0 stayed long enough, and only when we scored for the second time it became clear that victory would be ours. It was a very nice start, we had good first period, scored and had an advantage. However, since the second period, someone thought that it'd go without any problems further. But Sarov winded up an intensity and created beautiful chances for a goal. In some situations our goalie played great today. I want to thank my guys for their perfomance. It is always hard to play away. However, I would consider Mikhail Varnakov's team to show a strong character and a very good hockey. I think they deserve a higher position.

- A few words about Evgeniy Belukhin Sarov hockey school graduate.

- Our team is new. Almost 90% of the roster has been changed. There are many new players, including Evgeniy. We are very impressed with his game,  and his personal qualities. And he gets a lot of time on the rink..

Mikhail Varnakov (HC Sarov Head Coach)

- I would agree with my colleague. It's hard to win without scoring goals. But our opponent is a strong and skilled team, so there is nothing to be surprised in. We have another situation with roster - it is much more worse. There are many injured players, some of them came from MHL. Nevertheless we had a good perfomance, especially in zone coverage and in defense. So they didn't have many chances to score. If they didn't score, we'd have a chance to win and have another thoughts and passion inside. But I want to point out that we looked really well today. So we'll work and go further.

HC Donbass press-office