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Donbass keep it win in Topolchany

13-08-11 18:35:00

Torun - Donbass - 0:6

Polish HC Torun unlikely HC Trnava the day before was unable to provide decent resistance to champion of Ukraine. The game was done in the first period when Donetsk players confused the Poles for four times. Vitaliy Donika, Evgeniy Belukhin, Vladimir Malevich and Artem Bondarev scored and made the coach of Torun to substitute a goalkeeper. It helped them in the next period, but sooner or later Donbass would score again. So Nimenko and Materukhin made it 6 to nothing at the third.

By the way, Aleksandr Kulikov made a substitution for Stepan Goryachevskikh and gave Evhen Napnenko some time on court and he kept the net untouched.

Tomorrow at 17:00 Donetsk Donbass will play a crucial game against the tournament hosts - Topolcany. Rivals will decide who is the winner of the tournament, as neither Donbass, nor Topolchany have been beaten in previous games.

HC Donbass press-office