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Victory on the start of Topolchany Cup

12-08-11 18:20:28

Trnava - Donbass  0:6 (0:2, 0:2, 0:2)


05:33 Belukhin (Lyutkevich, Bobkin) 0-1

10:43 Isayenko (Shagov, Nimenko) 0-2

30:39 Esipov (Tezikov, Piskunov) 0-3

34:53 Donika (Belukhin) 0-4

53:54 Piskunov (Tezikov, Varlamov) 0-5

58:40 Lyutkevich (Belukhin, Bobkin) 0-6

The first match of HC Donbass of Topolcany Cup might be called a good rehearsal before the two remaining matches. From the very beginning till the last second of the match at Topvar Arena the champion of Ukraine kept the situation under its control. Aleksandr Kulikov's team played the most collected and effectively. The coaching staff have re-produced some changes in the lines. Because of Oleg Shafarenkos injury, a link with Tsyrul acted with Materukhin and Pastukh.Vladimir Aleksuyuk played with Alexei Shagov.

Andrew Esipov: "The main thing - a good team and more victories!"

- Andrey, was it often in your career to get "The Man of the Match" prize?

- No! (smiles). Maybe once or twice per season...

- This is probably a result of your playing style? It seems you do not really love "go forward"?

- It's true! I'm more inclined to meet their immediate obligations. There are defenders who like to go to the attacks, but I will not carry them. If one want to go forward, he'd be good in his  technique and of course have a scoring flair!

- How do you share duties in a pair with Alexei Tezikov?

- It strictly depends on the situation. I think we'll play better shortly. Despite we played  together in Lada and Severstal, we never were partners in the line. But Alex is an experienced ice hockey player, and  he would hardly run forward without thinking of defence.

- What to expect from today's opponent?

- In my opinion, "Trnava" today simply played into their strength. The score is on the scoreboard and it reflected the real balance of forces on the rink. We still have two games in Slovakia, with Torun and Topolcany! I do think more about how to develop a good atmosphere here inside the team and I want us to win as many games as it possible.

HC Donbass press-office