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Donbass to Start New Season Preparations

11-07-11 21:54:51

The first stage of the season-2011/12 preparations to start in the Crimean Yevpatoria. Totally 32 players are involved into the process there - 3 goalies, 11 defensemen and 18 forwards.  

Goalies: Stepan Goryachevskikh, Yevhen Napnenko, Vadym Seliverstov;

Defensemen: Dmytro Tolkunov, Oleksandr Pobedonostsev, Vitaly Lyutkevich, Vitaly Kulikov, Mykola Ladygin, Volodymyr Aleksyuk, Aleksei Shagov, Aleksei Tezikov, Ruslan Borysenko, Andrei Yesipov, Vladimir Malevich.

Forwards: Dmytro Isayenko, Serhiy Babinets, Roman Blagoi, Pavlo Borysenko, Oleksandr Bobkin, Yevhen Pastukh, Anton Roslyakov, Oleksandr Materukhin, Oleg Shafarenko, Vitaly Donika, Dmytro Nimenko, Yevgeniy Belukhin, Sergei Piskunov, Aleksandr Borovkov, Artem Bondarev, Dmytro Tsyrul, Vadim Averkin, Serhiy Varlamov.

"Yesterday we started two times practicing in conditioning", - head coach Aleksandr Kulikov said. - "Before this we made some medical and conditioning tests just to know in what conditions our players returned from their vacations. I want to point out some guys who came up for the preparation process in good shape, I think they understood that there would be a long and difficult season. For example Oleksandr Bobkin made 9 kilos off in his weight lose process. But all players are in good moods."

"On July 18th we are going to fly to Canada for the second stage of our summer camp. Another group of the players practice in Donetsk with coaches Sergei Petrov and his assistant Mykola Mayko."

HC Donbass Press-Office