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Donetsk to Host IIHF World U-20 Championship

14-05-11 12:47:30

IIHF annual Congress has decided Donetsk to host World Junior (U-20) championship in division 2A. The participants are Ukraine, Netherlands, Lithuania, South Corea, Spain and Hungary.

IIHF has been satisfied with Donetsk hosting U-18 World championship (division 2) in spring, so Druzhba Palace will be a venue for another international tournament.

Due to new regulations approved by the Congress, all divisions, except the top-division, will be divided into two groups, which will be ranked vertically. So A group has the higher level of teams. A winner of A-group will promote to a higher division and the last team in B-group will be relegated lower. This is as far as junior (both U-18 and U-20) championships are concerned.

So Ukraine has a chance to promote to division 1 group B level for 2012 championship.

HC Donbass press-office