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Sergey Shakurov: "Commitment was on a good level, but the tiredness affected"

17-01-12 20:23:29

Vice-president of the hockey club "Donbass" Sergey Shakurov, in an interview with "Soviet Sport" commented performances of the team in the Continental Cup Super Final.

- Of course I'm upset, like all the guys, because the first place was very close. Defeated the "Yunost", which was considered as favorite and our main competitor, but burned up with the "Rouen"...

- Have lost to the French because you were not tuned? As they say that the cup is already in our pocket...

- No way! Commitment was on a good level. Tiredness affected. For ten days we had six games - with flights, with the change of time zones. From 6 to 10 January, three away matches in the championship of VHL, and then from Nizhny Tagil immediately went to France, and at Rouen another three meetings were waited for us. Here the guys has not had enough of forces. Rivals were prepared for the tournament from January 8...

- Before the match with the "Rouen", was it any bad feelings about this?

- No. The idea has been in our minds, that to win with the French would be hard - the forces is running low.

- By what the "Rouen" has surprised you?

- A strong team, there are Canadians, Swedes. But there is nothing outstanding in the "Rouen". Although the club is obviously more professionaly than "Asiago", where many immigrants from North America, too. In any case, the Continental Cup Final - is the history. And now we will focus on the championship of VHL. Until the end of January we are waited only for home games. Guys will stay at home, communicate with their families, will come up in shape after an exhausting trip.