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3D Arena "Druzhba" - your assistant and navigator

16-12-11 06:38:19

Want to know what kind of chair, to which you intend to buy a ticket? Want to make a rapid tour over the ice-rink of the Arena "Druzhba" and it tribunes? Now it has become possible without leaving home.

Department of Information Technology of the hockey club "Donbass" continues to improve the system of online ticket sales for home games of the club, which will take place on ice Arena "Druzhba". Previously, by purchasing "a pass" on the next match to the particular sector, you could determine your future location in sports facilities only on the schematic drawing. Now you have the opportunity to visually evaluate the visibility of future events from the point at which you want get a ticket. For those who for whatever reason, have not been to the "Druzhba" - this is a great opportunity to take a short walk over the Arena and the ice-rink. Now more in details...

Everything is quite simple! We proceed by clicking on "Order tickets. Buy ticket online", located in the upper left corner of the site, and find ourselves within the system of online ticket sales. Certainly, many of you have already used this service and accustomed to this simple for perception scheme.

On the contrary of any of the matches, which you want to visit, click on "Buy the ticket". When you will get to the page of personalization of seats, you'll be faced with a choice of sector and chairs, from which to watch the match. This is where the best assistant will be our NOVELTY. Click "View" (above the larger scheme of seats) and the whole arena "Druzhba" will appear as from the first person.

Control scheme inside the virtual Arena "Druzhba" is simple: move the camera with the mouse buttons or use the built-in control buttons at the bottom of the animation. But that's not all! Inside the virtual Arena "Druzhba" you can go to the rink itself. Has never stood in the goals? Not a problem! In the upper right corner of the animation, you can select the location on the ice and look at the "world" with the eyes of the club goalkeepers Goryachevskih Stepan and Evgeny Tsaregorodtsev, or visit the ice in it central zone, where any match starts with face-off puck.

Choose for yourself the place of your choice and be sure to come to hockey! Hockey club "Donbass" is still counting on your support!

Press Service of HC "Donbass"