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23-04-12 19:40:31

Press conference of the President HC "Donbass", Boris Kolesnikov

Text and video versions of press conference of the President HC "Donbass", Boris Kolesnikov, and the coaches of the first and second team of the Club...
30-03-12 01:12:59

“Donbass-98” – ready for Start!

On Friday, March 30 at 12:10 by local time, the young men of our Academy will officially start the international hockey tournament «Tuxer Shkoda Cup Spring 2012"
29-03-12 12:39:07

Dmitriy Karaseni: “All team played for the sake of victory ”

After winning against Swedish “Sponge”, one of the best Stockholm team, “Donbas-98” forward Dmitriy Karaseni couldn’t suppress his feelings
29-03-12 12:16:53

"Donbass-98" in Sweden. Photo report

Representatives of the Academy of HC "Donbass" arrived in Sweden, where in the period from March 30 to April 1, will hold a series of matches in the tournament "Tuxer Skoda Cup"
29-03-12 11:57:46

Denis Mostovoy: We want to show “how we can play”!

Before the second friendly game with the team "Sponge" before the Tournament, Denis Mostovoy, the captain of "Donbass-98", that is in Sweden now, shared his thoughts
28-03-12 00:47:09

Academy of HC "Donbass". Swedish chronic. First day.

Envoys of the Academy of HC "Donbass" is already in Sweden. Today, what is called from the wheels, was played the first sparring with "Djurgarden"...
24-03-12 23:32:30

"Donbass-98” on their way to the tournament in Sweden

30th March to 1st April 2012 in Stockholm will be a major international tournament “Tuxer Shkoda Cup”
04-03-12 23:28:06

We are the champions!

Young representatives of the Academy of HC "Donbass", beating rivals from the capital, "Sokol", won the title of the champions of Ukraine among the players born in 1997-1998
19-02-12 01:37:47

Jim Brithén “We have a lot of job ahead of us”

Young players have already started to get used to his voice and recommendations during the practices on and off the ice. Meet the Director of the Academy of HC "Donbass"...
14-02-12 05:17:58

Andree Hult: “They call me Russian in Sweden”…

The first recruit from far abroad has joined the team with a great desire to grow and evolve with the rapidly developing Ukrainian club.
08-02-12 20:21:20

HC "Donbass" won the Western Conference

Wards of Aleksandr Kulikov long before the end of the regular season in VHL became beyond the reach for their rivals in the Conference...

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