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23-04-12 19:40:31

Press conference of the President HC "Donbass", Boris Kolesnikov

Text and video versions of press conference of the President HC "Donbass", Boris Kolesnikov, and the coaches of the first and second team of the Club...
11-04-12 11:33:59

Boris Kolesnikov: "From our side will be given all the necessary guarantees"

The President of the hockey club "Donbass" in an interview with the newspaper "Segodnya" commented on the situation relating to the submission of an application of the club to join the Kontinental Hockey League

10-04-12 11:23:58

Aleksandr Medvedev: "For the "Donbass" may be done an exception"

KHL president Aleksandr Medvedev responded to the questions about the development of the Kontinental Hockey League and the clubs, which will come into the KHL
08-04-12 19:32:37

HC "Donbass" is preparing an application to the KHL

About this the President of the Hockey club "Donbass" Boris Kolesnikov said in an exclusive interview to TV channel "Hockey"
06-04-12 10:58:31

Hockey club "Donbass" would like to thank the fans for their dedication and support!

Management of the HC "Donbass", coaching staff of the teams, players and the club officials are deeply grateful for the flaming support of the fans throughout the season
02-04-12 22:39:45

”Donbass-98” beats the Stockholm champions, twice

Wards of Jim Brithen and Valeriy Sidorov continues the tour around the arenas and skating rinks of the capital of Sweden
01-04-12 15:05:52

“Donbass-98” takes the second place at the Swedish tournament

Wards of Jim Brithen and Valeriy Sidorov has not had the strength to resist the strong Finnish rival "Espoo" in the decisive match for "Tuxer Skoda Cup"
31-03-12 22:16:14

“Donbass-98” plays Finnish “Espoo" for the championship.

The winner of the tournament "Tuxer Shkoda Cup" will be determined on Sunday, April 1
30-03-12 21:55:33

“Tuxer Skoda Cup”: what is the next?

Wards of Jim Brithen and Valery Sidorov secured access to the final part of the tournament, taking place these days in Sweden
30-03-12 11:35:09

Jim Brithen: “Every game is a challenge for us”

After a three days before the tournament “Tuxer Shkoda Cup Spring 2012” the Director of the ice hockey Academy “Donbass-98” Jim Brithen said about the progress on the Tour of Stockholm
30-03-12 10:51:30

Valery Sidorov, "The team have the opportunity to prove themselves"

The team coach “Donbass - 98” Valery Sidorov expressed his expectations from the upcoming tournament and from Swedish Tour on the whole

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